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"I do better than airbrush, I'll take you High Definition! Going HD is a makeup technique where you won't be able to tell where the makeup application and reality meet.  I've spent the majority makeup art career perfecting this technique and I can't wait to share my talent with you!"  - Care 

Production Art:

Producers and Artists in need of help? You've found the right place.

I've had extensive experience in National Live TV, Webisode, and Film.  My promise: to work with you to create and achieve the desired outcome.  

Go to the Contact Us tab and send me an e-mail.  All bids are considered with in a 24 hour period. 

(I'm always willing to work within tight budgets to make art come alive!)

Special Event:

I love doing special event makeup.  This can be any event: red carpet, store opening, movie/ music premier, to special occasion.  I love working with all my clients to achieve the best look possible. 

I do travel for premier events!  I prefer to work with NDAs, but it's not nescessary. Pease contact me via 

Serious inquiries only!


Your day is finally here! And if there's one thing I love, it's a beautiful bride! Precision is a must. And so is being camera- ready.

I work very closely with my Brides on skin care, preparation for the big day, answering any questions you may have, and providing 5-Star service the day of the Wedding. 

Please visit to check out my current rates and book your consult.  Like any project I take on, a Bridal contract will be established and paid in full to book your day with me. 

Interview or Head Shot:

First impressions make all the difference! I hate to say it, but it's true.

The interview look needs to convey a professional and polished look. We will achieve this by using a more neutral pallet, with hints of color to enhance your best features.

Head shots are an important part of your entertainment resume. A stunning headshot can propel you to the top of the casting pile.